Ventilator : A recent Addition to our list of Equipments in service to the patients is the ventilator for artificial breathing.

Medical Store : The medical store is always ready with sufficient supply of not only prescribed drugs and surgical supplies but also with the commonly used OTC (over-the-counter) preparations. For the patients of Angio-Care Hospital, the prescribed medicines are given at M. R. P. rate without addition of taxes.It offers services to the hopitalized patients as well as any external customer.

Canteen : The pantry of Balaji Hospital caters delicious and nutritious food under professional supervision of our dietician for seriously ill patients.

Refreshment : Right on the Basement, services for tea, coffee and cold drinks are available.

Elevator (Lift) : The dimensions of the ISO 9002 certified Johnson® elevator are adequate to carry a patient in an ICU bed, which is used freely by senior citizens and physically challenged individuals.

Generator : The standby power generator unit is capable of compensating any power failure to continue the basal and essential functions smoothly.

Intercommunication : Intercom system handles the four basic phone lines and controls the extensions provided to the rooms including the general ward.

Entertainment : The Waiting Hall has a television set.

Ambulance : The well-equipped ambulance van is available for 24x7 and the driver is provided a mobile phone for the swiftest possible execution in acute situations. The ambulance can come right into the parking lot from where the patient can be transferred by a fully conventional hospital bed and taken to the appropriate room for immediate treatment.

Toilets : All toilets in the hospital are sanitized regularly for your protection. Hot & Cold water facilities are available. Attendants are requested not to use hospital toilets for washing clothes, utensils & bathing.

Maintenance : Preventive maintenance of all equipments in the room is routinely and thoroughly done before admission of a new patient. The room is thoroughly washed and cleaned after the discharge of each patient. If you need any assistance regarding the television, air-conditioning, power points, plumbing call for the administrator. Please allow a response time.